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Motorola Astro 25 Mobile Cps Download Software

development kit; S805 mvo_: there's also the option of copying it from a desktop. When you get to the Grub Menu, there should be a menu that allows you to select your boot device. I actually have all kinds of connections on a mobile phone Is it your phone that you want to work on, or are you connecting to a computer that you have access to? it's just a phone I don't have anything to connect to I'll have to re-install it Ok. Good luck then. You're better off trying to find an existing build then working on building your own. PatrickDickey: this seems like a nice idea PatrickDickey: what is the policy to contribute my own build to the bzr branch? if it is ok to do so, I will do it PatrickDickey, I'll be back, I'll find another mobile phone mvo_: I'm not sure about that. I've not run across the issue before. But, I guess if you have the install media, you could try it out. PatrickDickey: yeah, that is what I will do mvo_: If you do that, I would appreciate if you could use the current wily kernel instead of the 3.19.0-15-generic kernel. |Slacker|: Well, if you don't have anything to connect to, you'll probably want to just go with the 5.2.0 build. PatrickDickey: i.e. the one in 14.04 and 15.04? PatrickDickey: ok, I do that then mvo_: Yeah, wily and vivid are the only two that I know of right now. I think that wily is the correct one. |Slacker|: after the phone boots the kernel will be a bit different than what we have now, its a bit easier to test then |Slacker|: but please be careful, flashing phones is tricky

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